Hillsboro Church of God
Service Times:
   Sunday School 10am
   Sunday Worship 11am
   Wednesday Worship  7pm

Office Hours:
   Mon - Wed:  9am - 1pm   

   937.393.3109  myhcog.com
5760 US Highway 62,  Hillsboro, Ohio 45133  (937)-373-3109
     We are an Evangelical Christian Church that is family based and community focued.  We are apart of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, and we adhear to their teachings, doctrine and practical commitments.
     Our desire is to present the gosple of Jesus Christ to everyone we can. Our hope is that all who hear of this life changing story will confess thier need for our Savior Jesus Christ, and that they will commit thier lives to living for Him.
     Our challenge is that we then help all of those who believe, and teach them to become disciples who follow and serve the Lord. 
     Our emphasis is placed on discipleship within our Church. From our Sunday School to our Sermons, we want to build up believers who go and do what Christ has asked us to do.
     Our goal is to take our Church, and direct them outward in ministry. Going outside of our building into the community to help reach others who still need to know this life giving message.
     Our services are open to whomsoever will. So, we would like for you to come as you are. Although some of us may be dressed a little more formal, we do not mind casual dress and attire. Our emphasis is on see you and your family connect with God.

     During service, we will take time to draw near to God through worship, spend time in prayer, receive an offering to allow for people to give of their tithes and offerings, preach from the Bible, and give an opportunity for people to pray around the altar.

     We always consider it an honor to have visitors come and join us in our services and activites. It is our delight to be able to serve you. We want you to know that you are invited, and we hope to see you soon.